Reality shows and Music


Pakistani and Indian audience is considered to be very emotional and they always are in dire need of an emotional content that can make their jaw drop and tears in their eyes. Reality shows provide them with the perfect platform to have a laugh and get emotional at the same time. Pakistani reality shows act in the same way because their audience is mostly women or housewives who enjoy the schematic and fun genre of the reality shows and aid them as a good muscle and nerve relaxant. Entertainment is always a priority for the people of Pakistan and as media is flourishing. There are many reality shows that act as a beacon for people who are looking for the opportunities to define their skills on an online or live platform. Same is the case with Indian idol and Pakistani idol. These both are the respective reality shows that provide people in the both countries with the opportunity to show their talent to the world.

Indian Idol:

Indian idol is a renowned Indian television program that was aired on 2004 on Sony TV channel in India, with the aim of finding out the best Indian singer of the year. It invited young undiscovered singers to the platform and provided them with the chance to prove that they are the best among all. The winner would get a huge cash prize and many singing contracts and was introduced in the music world of the country. The famous singer Neha Kakkar was also once a contestant at a similar reality show where she proved that she is the best of all and won the hearts of people from all over the world.


The show is performed twice a week. One night is for all the performances and the next one is set for the elimination round. Performers portray their best in front of the panel of judges and then await their scores. Later they are eliminated on the basis of the marks. This procedure is to ensure a fair selection of the contestants and hence allows people to develop their skills accordingly. Winner gets a car and as well as cash prizes are distributed to runner ups. Moreover, winner is provided many musical contracts and is set on a never ending journey in the musical industry.

Hosts of the show:

Throughout the seasons many actors and actresses were hired to host the show. When the show started they hired actors like Mini Mathur and Aman Verma to host the show. In order to get more online and live attention, the show producers tend to hire many actors and actresses that are established as well admired among common folks. In the upcoming seasons many actors and actresses were hired to host the show and the show received similar appreciation in the world wide community.


For a fair selection it is necessary to have an ideal panel of judges that can ensure the unbiased decision and can provide the audience and the country, the promised only best singer of the year. So in the first season of the Indian Idol, three judges were selected and were allowed to host the show. These judges included Farah khan who is also a great and well established choreographer, Sonu Nigham who is a world renowned singer and Annu Malik who is also a world admired music director. Later in the future the show went through a lot of transition as the country saw judges as Sunidhi Chauhan and Javed Akhtar. There were many people who were considered Annu Malik as a liability to the show but that was only the nuisance makers and not true at all. Indian idol needed judges like Annu Malik to stand up for a fair and honest selection of the contestants.

Pakistan Idol:

Pakistan couldn’t stay far behind the Indians and so decided to get the approval from Simon Fuller in 2007 but couldn’t start the production due to the security issues that were prevailing in the country at that time. Pakistan started its Pakistan idol in 2013 and it also derived attention from all over the Pakistan. Judges such as Hadiqa Kiyani, Bushra Ansari, and Ali Azmat were selected for the fair selection of the contestants and this started a race with Indians to provide the best singers. This show was hosted by Mohib Mirza who is a renowned TV actor. This show received worldwide popularity but was also faced with criticism because Indian reality show’ sa re gama’ blamed Pakistan idol for violating the copyrights of their show. But as we proceeded forward, the show was a great hit and received appreciation from the whole country and also worldwide. Pakistani women found a perfect spot to relax their nerves through the thriller of selection and rejection of the show and also the small and funny mishaps that happened during the show. Pakistanis always had done the appeal that there are not enough opportunities available in Pakistan and ran off to abroad to pursue their dreams. Pakistani idol was an open challenge to all such nuisance makers that come and reveal what you have and you will receive national attention. People proved their talents and won the first season with cash and an online concert contract.


Both countries enjoy their reality shows and are well admired among the local folks of the nations. Not only these shows provided a never ending mean of entertainment but most of all it provided the world and the youth a platform to achieve their goals and to show their raw talent to the world. There are many people in the world who possess a talent but are unable to show and prove it to the world. Life is not fair and they are not provided with enough chances to pursue their goals because one has to earn the bread and butter of life. So for those child labourers and the young people they were offered a platform where they can reveal their inner capabilities to prove the world that they do exist. One day they will be ruling the world with the aid of their own inner capabilities and nothing is going to stop them because hardworking people are destined to rise above the reach of phoenix.

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