Punjabi Music


People tend to sing and dance whenever they are happy or joyous in mood. Punjab is the land of five rivers and is considered to be filled with people are most expressive and joyous in their behaviours. Punjab is rich in its taste and culture. The sarsoo ka saag, makkay ki roti and lassi are the first thing that comes in to our mind whenever we name Punjab. This is due to the vast culture that Punjab has and not only is this but music and dancing a largest category slot of the history and culture of Punjab. The dance and music of Punjab is the manifestation of joy that these people feel on petty issues everyday and results in dance and music.

If a person is ever to experience the most amazing in the dance and on the faces of the dancers then it must be the music and dance of Punjabi music. The amazing synchronization in the Punjabi dance is renowned in the whole world and in the present day many foreigners tend to learn the traditional Punjabi Bhangrra for the betterment of their hearts. A person gets really pumped up when it comes to Punjabis doing their thing. But the type of dance is specified for men and women. Bhangrra is for men to perform and giddha is for women of Punjab. N=both having its own fun things is the reason why the competitions between men and women are more fun to watch. Each had to be best in its own category.


Bhangrra is officially called as the dance of the beats where people tend to celebrate something. In the beginning Bhangrra was a notion n by the people of Punjab in order to welcome the spring season and they sang songs and danced in the country fair to celebrate the spring season. This dance was followed by the music created by the music instruments known as the ‘dhol’ and ‘chimta’.

Thus phenomenon carried Punjabi music worldwide and led its fame cross seven seas. There is a girl in UK who plays dhol as her hobby. Dhol is very peculiar instrument for the westerners but she played it on the internet and it went crazily viral. These songs were composed of themes such as love, patriotism, and depicting social issues. But in the present day Punjabi music has evolved into something else with the fusion of hip hop, pop and reggae and is reason for the craze in the discos and clubs.


Bhangrra is quite famous among men but women do not feel left out because giddha is especially for women. , usually performed in the marriage and festival occasions. The dance that is performed at the marriages is called ‘viahulla giddha’. Women form a circle around the bride and play dhol. The best thing about this type of dance is that it doesn’t have any rules or regulations. Women are allowed to dance in accordance to the music and rhythm that they feel. Through this dance women depict different social aspects of their lives. It is a rhythmic performance with vocal notes.


Kikli is a magical marigo round with a companion. It is less a dance and more of a dance and due to this reason it is more famous among the young girls. In this sort of dance girls stand in front of and facing each other. They cross hands with each other and start moving in fast circles on their toes. This leads to an ecstatic motion and it they sing along songs related to their father mother, sisters, and other social life. This game like dance is more common among girls and they tend to play like these in gardens and in their free time.

Punjabi folk music:

Punjabi folk music is very famous in the clubs and discos of UK. This music is devoid of the traditional exaggeration and extra blunders. But it only consists of rhythm and music and due to this reason only it is famous among the world. There are many singers who had achieved fame worldwide and are considered to be best in Punjabi hip hop and folk songs. These singers include Badshah, honey Singh, guru randhawa, gurdaas maan, bohemia, and many more like them.


Punjabi music had always had deep impact on the lives of people. It started long before the partition when waris shah wrote ‘heer’ and tempted the soul of Sufism. Whenever we think of Punjabi music, we come across people wearing turbans and dhoti and dancing with sceptres in their hands. But Punjabi muses has come far form that conventional ways of Punjabi songs and now it is more famous for Punjabi hip hop. Just about yesterday Punjabi song ‘pagal hai’ by Badshah has broken the record of Korean singer group BTS and left its mark on the history of YouTube.

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