Pop Music


Pop music is a genre of music which has over the certain duration required international praise through its sole form and the faultless junction with various genres of music like Jazz and Rock. This article seeks to provide an in-depth account of the genre’s evolution history and its exclusive characteristics in resonance and fashion. This article will additionally stroke on the social, civilizing, economic and political factors that have affected the expansion of swift expansion of this particular genre. During pursuit of this aim, this article will hub on casing the background information of pop music’s most significant and popular artists of the time such as the beetle, 2pac and Michael Jackson in addition to the albums that this genre has forever fashioned. Pop music possess a variety of record labels in addition to the business strategies that have assisted in bringing the genre to fame, the history of pop music will, of course, be unfinished without such extraordinary input to the musical realm.


Music that is fashioned by rock & roll, Pop has really been connected with that kind music. Particular fashion has over duration extended to such a degree that it is now merely called in conditions of it’s advertise section. The genre has also rented style from a variety of racial styles, as per the African racial styles. At present, mostly the musicians fashion their own ethnic style with some other styles that bring about a section of a great pop music.

Influential Artists:

Beatles is considered as one of the dominant and most recognized groups in the pop music. They highly attribute this to pop music saying that pop is the only genre of music that can provide the audience with the similar feelings and emotions that they felt while listening to the classical music but in addition to that audience is offered a touch of enthusiasm and ecstasy that no other genre of music offers. Beatles started the peak of the music business mostly because of this method.

Attributes for fame:

Pop music is rich in figure and manner. The fame that we talk of today is the reason due to the style and form that this genre of music possessed and now it’s a whole century passed and still we are unable to track down any other genre of music that can provide the similar ecstasy that pop once provided. After Beatles disbanded there was nothing left of pop but soon the world was introduced to the new pop stars such as 2pac shakur who lead the pop music to its original deserved heights.

Research suggests that music industry was once blooming only because classical music was the only genre of music that resided in the hearts of people but as the time passed and the world was introduced to the captivating genre of pop music, then it was settled that pop is the new genre of music that will be resided in the hearts of people forever. It possessed social as well as political value in the society of America. Bars used to hire pop singers to sing for their nights and were paid heavily. The concerts of pop music are still ranked as the shows that had highest number of audience present. Today the pop is smothering to the heights of a new success that is more than enough for any previous pop singer.

Pop music today is alive and reaching the heights of success only because it have been revealed by the studies that pop music has deep connection with the audience that is attending the show and reach their hearts. Pop music was declining from the heights that it has currently reached because singers like Beatles disbanded and people couldn’t find other singers who could match their capabilities so pop was not at the elevated status that it once possessed. In the very near future, singers like 2pac shakur emerged and these hip hop stars took the music industry to the heights that it originally deserved.


In conclusion, classical music was once very famous for the fact that it contained all the elements of music from the previous generations and it provided them with the feeling of nostalgia. Pop has its roots deep in the cultural and economical history of human beings and no matter how much we try, we cannot deny the fact that pop music has always been and will be a great genre of music which at a time had maximum number of admirers and audience in the history than any other musical genre. Classical music might be considered a learned luxury but the ecstasy that pop music offers cannot be replaced with the boredom that classical music has to offer to the youth of the modern world. Hence, east or west, pop music is the best, pun intended.

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