Nescafe Basement


Coffee is in the title and who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee on a beautiful day but this isn’t about a cup of coffee. If music is added to the word coffee then what can be more enjoyable than a cup of coffee with good innovative music on the leash. But Nescafe basement is an online program where singers sing in a live studio and live up to their mark. YouTube is a platform where many singers and producers had created many shows that are internationally acclaimed and hold a reputation among the online audience over the world. Coke studio is one of the great examples of such shows. So Nescafe basement is another show that has been produced in the online community and in the beginning it didn’t receive such popularity but soon due to its unique content and style, it soon became an international as well as national admiration.


When coke studio was working on the traditional nepotism and only giving chance to the already established singers, it was the time for a show that provided the opportunity to people who were not recognized singers and invited new talent to a platform where they can refine their raw abilities to make them into something unique as every cut of the diamond. Xulfi was the original producer of this show and he trained the new singers under his influence and began a show with the name of Nescafe basement to show the world that Pakistan has much more talent than already adored singers and maybe they can deem to be much better than already reputable singers. Xulfi called these singers and trained them for the show and no doubt history stands witness to the fact that Nescafe basement has provided singers like Hadiya Hashmi to the world who at such a small age has the potential that can be refined to reach the gigantic singers like Lata Mangeshkar and Muhammad Rafi.

Different from coke studio:

This show is considered wholly different from coke studio. The first season was published online and it didn’t receive much admiration as it should have because people always perceive a unique object to be a clone of something else and same tragedy seemed to be happened to Nescafe basement because it was originally deemed to be a clone of coke studio. But even the name suggests that soda is different from the coffee and so was the show. It contained all the uniqueness that coke studio lacked and soon became a hit. Its song like ‘Bol Hu’ and ‘Mehbooba’ crossed millions of views on YouTube and became highly admired among the online community of YouTube.

New and young talent:

We have seen that shows like coke studio only offers to the already admired singers so that they can get more attention and the show can be well established but the philosophy of Nescafe basement was totally opposite as it reached out to the people who were never much renowned before or never known at all. As their talent was refined by the Xulfi, the time came when the world saw the high pitches of an eight year girl named Hadiya Hashmi and her grip on her singing capabilities proved the world that there is more to the singing industry of Pakistan than it is deemed to be.

Moreover, in the Haroon’s folk pop song remake, ‘Mehbooba’ world witnessed a 13 year old drummer by the name of Sinnan capture the heart of millions by the beats of his drums and then it was established that how Nescafe basement, unlike coke studio, has made the world realize there can always be more to what is already present. 2012 was the year of the beginning of an innovation that was set on a track to make a great impact on the online and social order of the YouTube and online community. Shehzad e Ali’s 'Ranjhna' song was an international hit even in the neighbouring country, India.


The aim of this show was to create a show that offered new talent a platform where they can refine their raw skills and produce a content that is unique in its establishment and can act as an innovation in the field of music. Music was deemed to be a heritage of the already established singers and new talent was ridiculed through shows like Pakistan idol and Waqar Zaka. Now was the chance to provide the world with something that they have never seen before and so doubt Nescafe basement proved that it is worth any other online YouTube dhow that world has witnessed ever since. There comes a time in the life of a person where he realizes that nothing is going to be better for him because he possess the talent but has nowhere to portray it in order to get admired. Nescafe basement has provided all the young folks around the Pakistan with the invitation to come and show their true talent to the world and soar to the heights of music industry and receive worldwide acclamation.


The idea was originated in 2007 and no doubt this idea was proven to be very intuitive among the music industry pioneers. It brought music gems from all over the world and presented them in front of the world with their raw talent and people saw that these gems when sang it broke the records of angels and were considered to be ahead of their time and age. Pakistan was a country who was losing in the race of music against India. India was ahead of Pakistan in providing myriads of platform to its people to define their raw skills and achieve appreciation as well as musical and acting contracts. But Pakistan had many other issues to manage than seeing who could sing better. So this created a void for talent. Nescafe found this to be an opportunity and jumped in to seek the chance and the world stand witness today that how that chance turned out to be.

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