“If music be the food of love, play on.” -William Shakespeare

Music is one of the mildest features of life today without which, there is hardly any scope to survive well. In unstable times these days when aggression and extremism have absorbed into the human lives in almost every single aspect of lives, fine arts like music can quiet down and sober the situation to a degree.

In actual fact, if a person has the heart to listen cautiously, then music is broadened throughout nature and all around us. The natural music that has been run down to a large extent by urbanization and has rather been replaced by too much of maddening noise all over still persists silently ahead of the chaos. As soon as the chaos dies down, the music of nature can be heard and felt, especially in the morning and night time that helps the humans to revitalize and start combating for a new day all over again. It preserves the fact that music without a doubt is essential nowadays although quite naively it has taken a major position in the contemporary lives of human beings.

Music as a tool to better our lives:

In the basic form, music is one of the fine arts, which tell us that it is created out of innovation, technical and imaginative skills by various types of musical instruments that can be vividly separated into string instruments, percussion instruments, and air instruments. Each of these emits a different type of pleasant music that is very soothing to hear and pleasing for the ears as well. However, apart from the entertaining aspects, music also has a major role to play in several other ways in the lives of the people today. The prominence of music in the recent times cannot even be envisaged. However, here are some points that can summarize a few factors related to the importance of music in life.

Breaking the boundaries:

The fundamental aspect of music is the emotional improvement that it offers for any person who listens to it. There are many forms of music and in diverse languages spread across the length of the globe. Regardless of what variations there are in the patterns of the dissimilar forms of music today, all of these have emotionally helped the individuals in all kinds of situations. The soft music has helped in bringing down the negativity within the mind and out whereas some jazz and rock music have shaped a person’s mind in some different manner. Music is there for hard as well as fine times and there is no way one can stay detached from the same. In actual fact, the language and cultural obstacles meltdown with music and this aids in breaking the boundaries of the countries. Merging between nations becomes easier and international peace and harmony also deems to get restored.

Music as a source of education:

A Plato has put it,

‘Music for the realization of soul’,

This quotation makes music a necessary part of education as well. This is only because it is supposed that music has a straight connection own self and therefore, it helps a person to calm down and reflect upon the variety of facets of characteristics connected to self. This not only aid the individual to understand the gray areas and enhance upon the same but also helps in the process of in general mental and personality growth because the brain cells discover a path to articulate through music.

Music as a cure:

Music is also a very influential medicine and in the real wisdom of the term. It has got a magnificent healing power in the red to the melody that it lifts along with it and this helps in the process of sewing the miserable mood of a person. Not only will this but music right away make one feel invigorated who had otherwise been exhausted out of tiredness and fatigue. Mental illnesses these days are being agreed to special musical therapy in order to heal the patients because studies and researches have exposed that music eases the muscles of the body as well as the brain that helps in the normal performance as a whole. Ailments like insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks, etc. have been established to be getting moderated and even treated due to the application of music therapy. This is the cause that music therapy has become pretty prevalent in modern world even in the medical science department. Just as a child sense to be safest and soundest in the mother’s lap, the patients too, have quite a comparable feeling in total when music is played.

Music for me:

Music is sound, serene in particular rhythms to articulate people’s feelings or to shift certain feelings. Dance is physical movement also utilized to express happiness or other intense emotions. It can be something from ballet to break-dance. In my existence music is fairly more necessary than dance. I prefer experiencing mainly things inside my mind. I don’t require psychical movement to practice delight. From time to time I employ music to flee from reality, there is not a thing in the world I love to carry out more than listen to different types of music that agrees to my feelings at that time. When I am a little sad, listening to music with communication I am well-known that it is in a sure way reassuring for me. As a youngster, I started playing the guitar. Now and then when I attempt to be creative I hold up my guitar and begin playing. It is very acceptable for me to listen to music that I make myself. It satisfies my brain and provides me with a kind of contented feeling. When I am, for instance, in a bar listening and enjoying certain melodies, I don’t sense the desire to shake my body. That’s the motive I will be leaned more on the music rather than on dance in this article

I, for eternity, have music playing in my surroundings. Even now when I am writing this article, I have earphones plugged in and I am listening to Bollywood music. There are a lot of diverse types of music that I listen to. Occasionally I listen to music for the lyrics, at times just for the hypnotizing melody. For instance, in the car, I like to hear instrumental music, recognized as “Minimal” This type of music makes me drive with ease and it keeps me focused for a relatively longer period of time. When no one is around me and I am studying, I favour listening to instrumental classical music. Music has some kind of calmness and it has no off-putting lyrics, so I can focus on my study work more efficiently. Generally, my alternative to music depends on what frame of mind I am in.

On the whole, music has a set of influence and has a lot of forms of appearance. For instance, you can see, hear and feel the music (when it is loud enough). Music can have an enlightening effect because it makes a person depressed or makes a person think of love. Music can keep customs alive. I’m very sure I will sing the similar songs to my children that my parents sang to me when I was a little kid. Music is also identified for its ability to “save lives”. People who stay very depressed and are lonely can find console in listening to certain singers, bands or songs. All and sundry, including myself, has experienced a little like this. For instance, losing parents or a lover can be pretty devastating.

Listening to music gets a person all the way through the pain. Music can also remind him of how things were. When I listen to old music from the ’60s or ’70s, even I (born in the ’80s) get some type of nostalgic feeling. Music can also help you form opinions or give you different views of society. Of course, music can also provide poetic messages, or it can just be amusing. Music changes, because of social order changes. Remind yourself of technological improvement or changing views. One reason why I fancy for music much more in my life than dance is that music does not limit my thoughts. While listening to music I can create whatever picture I want. No thoughts are necessary to enjoy music, although it can be thought-inspiring. When a person listens to lyrics, he can hear the pain or joy connected with them.

I have a high preference for lyrics that are in black and white by the artist himself. When artists refuse to write their own music, they never felt the pain they are singing about. And it makes the song, especially, less persuasive. I think that people who have writers to make up lyrics for them to sing aren’t musicians, they are just singers. Some bands or musicians have a lot of feelings that they want to sing about. They are my preferred because a person can sense emotions. It is much more stunning than just some haphazard words. Such kinds of musicians give themselves to listeners and that way they make themselves susceptible. The listeners use that music as a mean to deal with feelings such as love, anger or pain.

Music is essential for everybody. Any earlier attempts to have power over or forbid music, as made by Marxist politics, are unrealistic and have never succeeded. Music forever played some position in the history of human beings. I can’t imagine a world without music. It is not possible. Humans would be unable to state their feelings or be creative. We could not find any motivation. I even think the psychical look of the world would be very different without music because people come up with the most radiant ideas while listening to their favourite type of music. This has also been recognized that listening to music increases intelligence, especially in young children. The in advance a child is exposed to music, the more highly developed their spatial reasoning skills will be.

As aforementioned, music can have multiple purposes. It can be utilized to keep a person focused, or as a device to help to manage with issues. It even can make you additionally intelligent. I really consider that music can power and change a person’s intellect or mood. My supreme experience with music as a universal language is a carnival in France called “Saint Chartier”. People from all over the world go there every year to sing, play music and dance with each other. When I was at that festival, I got an ecstatic feeling. It made me capable to completely empty my mind. To refer to dance, for me music is a catalyst for bringing bodily responses.


What is the exact importance of music in our life cannot be critically remarked in words in a whole way because words are too petite to articulate the same. On the other hand, it can be stated that music is the supernatural power that keeps the mankind in one piece still at the moment. Based on the study today, there is positively confirmation that we have much more than just an emotional association with music. So the next moment you put on your preferred song, have a little dance around secure in the information that you are probable to be reaping some health reimbursement. More and more, studies are revealing that the health advantages of music may go further than mental health, and consequently, some health researchers are calling for music treatment to be more extensively included into health care programs. It doesn’t matter what culture a person is from, all and sundry adores music. Most of the people would from the bottom of his heart agree with this declaration, and it is this comprehensive bond with music that has led health researchers across the world to examine its healing potential. So enjoy music as much as you can and live your life up to the beat.

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