English Songs and Pakistanis


Pakistan is a place where acceptance is very common and these people never reject anything but they welcome each and every thing that the innovation and world has to offer in order to remain up to date to the modern norms and tradition. There was once was a time when Sir Syed Ahmed Khan advised Muslims to learn English in order to stand up for their rights in front of Britishers. The need to gain the favour of Britishers, they learnt English and resided among the rule to gain their influence. Then came the time when the need to gain a separate nation became necessary for Muslims. The motive of all the debate is that Pakistanis have been trained or groomed by history to adopt everything and same happened with the music that west had to offer to the Pakistanis. The music was welcomed and it was liked on a larger scale by the people of Pakistan.

History with classical:

Pakistanis had had a great history with the classical music. Singers like Muhammad Rafi and Noor Jahan were the soul of Pakistani music and they never liked anything other than the classical music. In the movies, a new tradition of pop music was adopted from the westerners but still they preferred all the songs in their native languages. English music didn’t receive much fame in the beginning but soon it was played everywhere and Pakistan had invited many singers that were invited to hold shows in Pakistan.

International singers:

We start to list the international singers who had been in Pakistan to spread the global peace message, the list is quite long and lets dig right into the list and let’s see who have been here.

Sonu Nigham is an Indian based singer who is very good at what he do; he came to Pakistan in 2004 and performed a great show in Karachi. This was to spread the message of global peace.

Jagjit Singh is another legend of music in India and he visited Pakistan in 1979 and later in 2004 where he performed in Karachi and won the hearts of many Pakistanis with song ‘kaghaz ki kashti’.

Bryan Adams is a Canadian musician and singer who came to Pakistan in 2006 and he was the first one to come to Pakistan after the 9/11 tragedy. He was invited by the Pakistani rock star, Shehzad Roy, to perform at the concert in Karachi to raise donations for the people affected in 2005 earthquake in Pakistan.

DJ Diplo and Elliphant came to Pakistan in 2016 and received heart warming praises from all over the Pakistan. On their way back they said that they have never met people who are as lovely as Pakistani people.


English music such as European pop, rock &roll and jazz had widely been accepted in Pakistan for the reason that these people are open for anything innovative. Music resides in the very soul of Pakistan and has been considered as one of the key factor in the recognition of this country in the international community. There was a time when classical music was infused deep in the veins of the social order. When Pakistan was introduced to the pop culture of west, it was admired widely because English language forever had an effect on the Pakistani people. English language had always been a luxury to learn and study, so the quick way to introduce it into the society was if it was included in something that society could adopt without effort. Music resided in the hearts of people so the best way to do that was to include it into music and leave the rest to the enthusiastic nature of people of Pakistan. Not much time later, English music was been played on every mp3 and cassettes of Pakistan. People adopted it so quickly that it spread like a virus and nowadays people who like and listen to the English songs are considered very educated, pun intended, but a sad reality.


In the summation, it is often said that excess of everything leads to some disaster and the disaster is happening already at the moment. There was a time when classical music was ranking on the top but now our own traditions have been forgotten. The reason behind this is that we have indulged ourselves in adopting the culture of west so much that we have forgotten our own roots. The current generation is not even aware of what classical music was and what history we actually shared to the classical music. Its time to stop and focus on what was ours and how we have lost it into the cruel sickle of time. We cannot even fathom the tragedy that will occur when our upcoming generations will be snatched away from the classical music and they will be left with nothing but regret and no identity among the music industry of the future world. All nations who achieved success were those who brought innovations in their own belongings.

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