Coke Studio


Music has been an integral part of the life of Pakistanis. These people are the ones who live with harmony and music is the tool that they utilize in order to express their joy and happiness. For centuries music has been deemed to be the soul of the connection that exists among people of Pakistan and Hindustan. Music battles and overseas show is how they represent their country and share their singers in the respective movies in order to receive the neighbouring acclamation. Since the partition both countries have shared their singing attributes like “Ghazal Gaiki” in order to offer survival which couldn’t be divided among two countries and that was their shared gigantic history of music.


Coke studio is a television show that was initiated in 2008 and in the same year its first season was launched. The idea came from the 2007 international concert that was held by the coca cola company in Brazil. A Pakistani producer Rohail Hyatt adopted the concept and thought to utilize the idea to produce the same program with live audience in Pakistan. This started the beginning of a new concept that was destined to carry its fame overseas more than any television program ever did. This was beginning of the preparation of a new show using which Pakistani audience found to brag in front of their industrial rival that was India and still is. Rohail Hyatt produced his show with the help of his wife Umber Hyatt and the first season was set to be premiered in June of 2008. This was beginning of a show that was at first performed in front of a live audience but as soon as the show received international appreciation, more from the Indian audience, then the show was produced in a studio with live music and settings.

Cultural Agent:

The general manager of the coca cola Pakistan and Afghanistan has revealed that they have faced many challenges a millennium ago and now they are at a platform where this show is considered as a revival agent for Sufi and pop music of Pakistan. This was a great international appreciation for Pakistan for a show that was trending number one on YouTube and it had the largest audience not only in Pakistan but also in the neighbouring country, India. This was lot to handle because this YouTube competition has been going on since a long time and both countries were producing online shows to reach a certain point in life where one crossed other in the YouTube views to get a chance to brag the numbers in front of each other. More than the show producers and directors, the audience is always more enthusiastic about this because the conventional bone of contention and the boon that both countries hold against each other has come far from the conventional warfare and has been confined to online battles. There is no blood shed any more but the fight and the race to get more views on their online channels to receive the honour to brag the numbers in front of each other.

Reception among the world:

Atif Aslam’s "Tajedaar e Haram" crossed 100 million views on YouTube and is viewed in 168 countries around the world and was the first Pakistani video to receive such intentional acclamation. Soon coke studio was received with open hands around the world and was considered the first Pakistani show with videos that broke previous all records to cross views is millions and billions. Later Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s and Momina Mustehsun’s song ‘Afreen Afreen’ become the second video to cross the 100 million views on YouTube Pakistan and show received more fame than only other Pakistani online show that was ever produced before.


Coke studio was produced as an idea adopted from the international concert of brazil but as soon the show received international acclamation then new singers were introduced as well as songs from all the corners and languages of Pakistan were sang in the particular show. Soon this show was considered to be as cultural agent of Pakistan that depicted the respective culture of Pakistan from all the corners of the world and it was soon considered even more among all the corners of the world. The cultural diversities that were depicted in the show were internationally renowned and this tend to attract the attention of the famous Vloggers and tourists who came to Pakistan to experience the vast cultural richness that this country beholds and in the future the producers aim to produce the seasons that break the previous .


This show had produced eleven seasons up till today and still holds the title of being the show with most videos to cross 100 million views online. Cricket was the first thing that has been a source to brag the numbers in front of each other between the two countries. This sport had already ended the war that was conventional and now each batting pitch was considered as a battle ground between India and Pakistan. But coke studio provided both countries with the opportunity to shift the attention from cricket to something else where both of them can enjoy the content without fighting. Music was always something that both countries enjoyed vastly and coke studio was yet another platform where both of them could simply sit together and listen to the traditional folk songs that once both countries shared and danced upon. This was coke studio, Pakistan’s leading online show with millions of audience online.

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